1Sharpe Ventures Welcomes Ginny Miller to the Leadership Team

1Sharpe Ventures
2 min readMar 11, 2022

1Sharpe Ventures, a venture capital firm backing founders in real estate and proptech, today announced Ginny Miller will oversee investment strategy and execution — including leading new investments, supporting founder and LP relationships, and managing fund operations to grow and strengthen the 1Sharpe Ventures platform.

“Ginny’s background in engineering and business, combined with her passion and knowledge about all things real estate makes her a terrific fit for the organization,” said Gregor Watson, 1Sharpe Ventures’ managing partner and founder of 1Sharpe Capital. “I’m excited to see what the future holds with the insights Ginny brings to our daily operations.”

Miller offers experience managing startup investments, portfolio pilots, and technology relationships. Her background includes leading technology ventures and innovation at Jamestown, a $12B vertically integrated real estate investor and manager. She has also worked on real estate technology initiatives at Apple, Fifth Wall Ventures, and Harvard University. She received her MBA from Harvard Business School.

“I grew up in a family of real estate entrepreneurs and have always been obsessed with the impact of buildings and physical spaces,” said Miller. “Real estate is the largest– and arguably the most impactful– “consumer product”, yet also the one lagging most in its ability to meet the needs of modern communities. I’m excited to build a venture platform at 1Sharpe to back the teams reshaping a more human-centered, sustainable, and accessible built world.”

1Sharpe Ventures backs early-stage teams building scalable, category-defining businesses that transform how we experience, own, and invest in real estate. Real estate accounts for the greatest share of consumer spend and is the largest asset class. 1Sharpe Ventures invests in founders eliminating friction in how people and companies transact and experience the built world.

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1Sharpe Ventures connects entrepreneurs to capital, talent and customers across the startup journey. The 1Sharpe Ventures team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors brings a portfolio of properties, debt financing, deep industry relationships, product development partners, and talent networks to a growing class of technology founders tackling opportunities in the built world. For more information, please visit 1Sharpe.Ventures.



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