Announcing Ginny’s Promotion to Partner

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3 min readApr 20, 2023


We are excited to share a team update at 1Sharpe Ventures: Ginny Miller has been promoted to Partner.

If you have worked with Ginny — as a founder, an LP, a co-investor, or a fellow proptech industry executive — you have experienced her intelligence, strategic thinking, deep analysis and operations expertise. She is both a leader and team player, who has been building 1Sharpe Ventures since Day One.

Our decision to launch a venture fund at 1Sharpe was a deliberate one. As entrepreneurs and builders of companies like Roofstock, Lessen, Creative Juice, Azibo, we know how important the capital partners you have around the table are, and also how crowded (and frankly chaotic) the asset class has become. We were fortunate to have fantastic firms by our side in those ventures, including Khosla, QED, Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed, Index, Acrew, Canaan, Nyca, Canvas, Softbank etc.. In addition to the financial capital support, the human capital of individual partners that collaborated with us was invaluable. They dug into our businesses, gave candid feedback, articulated our vision better than we could, and answered our calls when we needed them. We knew we wanted to bring that commitment to the founders we backed, which ultimately boils down to our team.

To help build 1Sharpe Ventures, we sought a leader who could bridge worlds. We sit at the intersection of real estate, finance, and technology. Not everyone can wear multiple hats and maintain excitement for the end-goal of transforming trillion-dollar offline industries. Ginny shared our passion and expanded our vision for how platform shifts in technology and data could redefine categories.

We first met Ginny while she was running the venture platform for Jamestown, a real estate private equity firm in New York. There, she had the unique seat of investing directly in startups and funds, while also mapping those technologies back to organizational needs. She spanned both internal innovation and categorical innovation — building out the firm’s data and intelligence strategy, while also working alongside leadership on topics like “The future of housing”. This lens equipped her to have conversations about where value was most likely to accrue for technology startups, and what needs to happen in terms of industry relationships to accelerate adoption.

We ultimately aligned on the need for an early-stage, platform-oriented fund that could be a partner to ambitious founders taking on a complex and layered industry. Several funds were tackling the later-stage opportunities, but few had the builder DNA to partner in the early innings. We anticipated great synergy between our entrepreneurial backgrounds and her operating and industry background to build 1Sharpe Ventures.

Ginny joined as a Principal at the inception of the fund, supporting fund formation, establishing LP relationships, sourcing and working with our earliest investments, and building the team. As we look back on the past two years, we are proud of the accomplishments to date — raised our $90 million inaugural fund, made 12 investments to-date, and built a team of strong investors and operators — and grateful for the relationships we’ve developed and continue to foster. Ginny has been instrumental in building that foundation.

Congratulations, Ginny and welcome to the partnership — we are just getting started and are honored to be building together.

1Sharpe Ventures is an early-stage platform backing founders redefining the world’s largest offline asset classes. We are the venture arm of 1Sharpe Capital, an asset management firm based out of Oakland, CA, investing across credit, housing, and private equity.



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